About the Book – Cut Through the Noise

In today’s fast-moving world, providing a comfortable, nurturing environment and continuously caring for loved ones from the aging baby boomer generation can be a bit of a challenge. Famously known for their strong sense of independence and passion for competitiveness—qualities cultivated through the outbreak of social rights movements and the birth of revolutionary rock and roll during their heyday—baby boomers may now struggle to come to terms with the reality of their retirement and the life-changing adjustments they may have to make. Understandably, the permanence of hanging up one’s gloves and the finality of settling into a nursing home can be quite unnerving, if not downright terrifying for individuals used to an independent and goal-oriented outlook.

Penned by Dr. Kojo Pobee, whose wealth of experience includes years working in geriatrics and senior care, Cut Through The Noise takes a truly positive and highly informative approach to the reality of nursing homes and the people involved. Through this book, Dr. Pobee breaks down the complexities of senior care into more manageable facts and tackles every possible apprehension one may have about making the transition from a fast-paced adult life to the quieter space of nursing homes.

If you have been considering placing a senior family member into a nursing home, you would understandably be as uneasy of the idea as your loved one. The wide variety of contradictory information about long-term health care out there can be just as perplexing as the several requirements you believe to be essential in choosing the best possible facility. Cut Through The Noise serves as a top-notch guide for you and your family to break through this unfamiliar territory. It will comfort you through the intimidating decisions needed to be made. It will educate you on your loved one’s needs, rights and privileges and the facilities’ accountability and responsibilities. All the complexities you may face–from methods of payment, to facility locations, to nursing home environments and the challenge of adaptability—will be answered, with the aim to instill in you and your family a sense of confidence through this challenging process.

With Dr. Pobee’s knowledge of long-term health care reflected in this brilliant book, Cut Through The Noise is an essential handbook for anyone who seeks a better and deeper understanding of the intricacies of the nursing home industry and facility-based senior care.