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Scientists are close to understanding the mechanics of aging. This may be critical in preventing or treating some of old age’s most debilitating diseases.

Modern-day health care and access to better food have prompted a great increase in life expectancy over the past century. And since 1975, more people are living even longer into old age, according to the Brookings Institute.

The availability of antibiotics and vaccinations and procedures like organ transplants and cardiovascular intervention are possible reasons for the trend, as well as the spread of improved hygiene standards which has helped increase life expectancy in the developed …read more

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Congratulations to Care Manager, Katiana Noisette of Sunrise of Blue Bell, PA, for receiving the Assisted Living Personal Care Aide of the Year Award!

At Sunrise, our commitment to quality care is unwavering. To do this, we hire serving hearts, those individuals who have a passion for enriching the lives of seniors.

At Sunrise, our commitment to quality care is unwavering. To do this, we hire serving hearts, those individuals who have a passion for enriching the lives of seniors.

We are so proud of Katiana (Kat) Noisette, Care Manager at Sunrise of Blue Bell, PA, for winning the <a target="_blank" href="" …read more

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Art therapy can be very beneficial for older adults living with memory loss, as well as those who need to manage stress or pain.

Seniors living with a number of ailments may benefit from art therapy. This is a targeted use of painting and other activities to help keep the mind sharp and promote dexterity in a setting that is fun, casual and social. Artistic interests can become become a cherished hobby, and each session is an opportunity to reap the rewards of this interesting form of therapy.

Improved memory
Regular, focused activities can greatly benefit those living with …read more

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Congratulations to Life Enrichment Manager, Patti Elisano of Sunrise of Raleigh, NC, for receiving the North Carolina Assisted Living Association’s 2016 Hero of the Year Award!

At Sunrise, our residents and their families depend on our team members to provide the very best in quality care, each and every day.

We are thrilled to share that Patti Elisano, Life Enrichment Manager at Sunrise of Raleigh, NC, has won the 2016 Hero of the Year Award with NCALA (North Carolina Assisted Living Association).

The NCALA Hero Awards recognize individuals who are ideal representatives of the senior living field and who demonstrate …read more

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Promote a healthy brain by eating the right foods to make sure you’re giving your body what it needs.

Your brain requires a lot of energy to function at its best, and this means fueling it with the best food. By incorporating these items, you can promote good brain health:

1. Fish
The acids and fats contained in fish are very beneficial, especially compared to those found in red meat or poultry. Omega-3 fatty acids in particular are found in abundance in fish such as salmon, trout, mackerel and sardines. According to the BBC, high levels of these fatty acids may <a target="_blank" …read more

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Eating well starts with selecting the right foods at the grocery store or market. Here’s how to use food labels to learn more about nutrition and avoid unhealthy items.

Food labels come with a wealth of information that aims to inform consumers so they can make the best nutritional choices. Sometimes food manufacturers will plaster words like “health” or “low-fat” on the front of the package that can be proven false using a nutrition label.

The ingredients
When gauging whether or not a food is healthy or not, the best place to look is the ingredients list. A long list of ingredients …read more

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Don’t be intimidated – there are many forms of physical activity that you can help you get started with ease.

You’ve been told time and time again that exercise is important for your overall well-being. It helps you maintain a healthy weight, lowers your blood pressure, reduces symptoms of chronic diseases and helps you live independently for as long as possible, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But if you’re a beginner, exercise can be a little intimidating. Don’t get discouraged by a lack of experience. There are many forms of physical activity that can …read more

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Lowering your risk of heart disease requires a few easy but essential lifestyle changes.

Maintaining good cardiovascular health is a critical consideration, especially as we grow older. Heart disease can not only limit your mobility and independence but also lead to serious health events or conditions. These can be expensive and dangerous, but by making positive changes in your everyday life, you can lower your risk of heart disease.

Heart disease is the No. 1 cause of death in the U.S., according to the American Heart Association. For that reason, finding ways to promote better cardiovascular health is essential. …read more

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Cardiovascular health is an essential consideration for all adults.

Heart disease affects millions of Americans, and is among the leading causes of death according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Although genetic and family history can be a factor in heart health, there are a number of lifestyle factors and choices that heavily inform someone’s cardiovascular health. Even seemingly small steps can make a big difference, and its never too early or too late to make a positive change. Here are a few ideas that promote a healthier heart:

1. Swap your meat and veggie portions
A smart way …read more

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Get the whole family together in the kitchen to cook dinner.

Encourage intergenerational interaction with these activities.

Did you know that September is Intergenerational Awareness Month? It’s a global movement that celebrates the benefits of intergenerational relationships while bringing awareness to the importance of closing the gap between generations.

Rita Altman, senior vice president of memory care and program services at Sunrise, believes intergenerational interaction is critical, as it can strengthen bonds and unite older adults and younger people on a new level. Older people can offer guidance and friendship for young people, and also reap the rewards of spending time with family and socializing.

This month, get the whole …read more